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Geraldine  Absolutely packed with invaluable information that may save your life!1 January 2019 Verified Purchase I bought this book on recommendation of a friend when my husband was recently diagnosed with advanced oesophageal cancer, which has spread to his liver. The advice and information in the book is superb, and has really helped us, as the medical profession have basically given him 6 months to live with no help or treatment that can help him.
We have both dramatically changed our lifestyle based on the advice given in the book and in person, and are working to build up my husband’s immune system using natural methods, and fight the cancer despite the lack of medical interventions.
We would both highly recommend this book to anyone suffering from cancer, or their loved ones… or anyone interested in prevention of not only cancer, but numerous other ‘life limiting’ conditions, who are interested in helping themselves to return to health naturally.

Penny D
 A must have if you have cancer of know someone who has2 January 2019 I was recently diagnosed with cancer in the lymph nodes but told it had metastasized from somewhere else. It was devastating news. After picking myself up I began doing loads of research while further tests were carried out. A friend gave me Cancer and Common Sense, and I cannot thank him enough. It was chock full of loads of helpful information. Everyone should be given this book as soon as they are diagnosed… or before to prevent getting cancer.

Dawn. E Excellent resource when you are diagnosed with cancer 17 November 2018 What I liked most about this book was how it kept things simple enough to understand, but at the same time gave a lot of good information. You’ll find out ways to help yourself heal, to support your body and possibly even discover the factors which can contribute to cancer in the first place. Having studied this topic for a number of years, I liked how the book did not include every wacky idea but only showed the reader the recommendations which have some scientific backing.

Jackie Howdon The Perfect Life Saving Gift for those affected by cancer. 10 November 2018 This wonderful book should be a must go to first read for anyone diagnosed with cancer (and their relatives).
Full of Common Sense easy to make life style changes that could save your life.
I would like to see every Oncologist give this book to all newly diagnosed cancer patients to enable them to make an informed choice on how to proceed with their treatment. Maybe one day.
Grateful thanks to the author and all those who contributed.

Maria Brady No 1 book to save your life!!25 October 2018 Very informative book and easy to understand how the body works in response to nutrition and how our diet can impact on our health, especially in the prevention of poor health and cancer! Prevention is better than cure. This book has changed the way I’ll be buying and preparing food in the future!! Thanks for compiling this book together!! 👍🏻

Amazon Customer 
A must read for everyone 18 January 2019 Fantastic book all the information is top notch and really resonates with me! A must read for anyone and everyone with or without cancer, a great little life tool and also a huge eye opener! It really is common sense! This book confirms that and backs it up with the research and facts. 10 out of 10.

 Governments need holding accountable! 2 November 2018 Seriously people this book has all you need to know. I am now finding it a complete disgrace that Governments have witheld vital information back. In the name of profit. Combined with the use of CBD oil (with THC content) your chances of surviving Cancer are vitally increased. Praise the people who contributed to this book.

 Pocket book on getting through cancer. 25 October 2018 This book is small, but overflowing with positivity and knowledge, have you got cancer or know someone with cancer, do they need this book?
100% yes.

LesCollisterA must read for those fighting cancer21 October 2018 This book offers help in a concise way for people wanting to know a common sense approach to dealing with cancer.